Life is like a bowl o’wires

You know how some people have a place where they toss their car keys when they get home… Well, here’s where I pile up the bits and pieces that come with my cochlear implant usage. I have long wires, short wires, telecoil compatible wires, battery chargers, headpiece microphones, etcetera, etcetera.


And I only have one CI. Can’t imagine managing double this amount of stuff!

Bear in mind, that I’m a gadget girl. I like to know what my hardware can do and I’m always looking for new things to try out, using myself as a guinea pig. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I think it’s a giant pain and too complicated. Mostly I like to know what my options are along with the pluses and minuses. And when I find something I think is cool and works well, I really like telling others who might benefit.


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