Aurora, Colorado for HLAA Hearing Assistive Technology Training

Now that I’m wired for sound, I need to find out what this baby can do.  What better way than to get trained as an assistive technology volunteer advocate.  I applied for a training program offered by the Hearing Loss Association of America and was accepted.  I plan to use what I learn and share what I learn at my workplace, with local hearing loss groups and for my own personal benefit.  I’m hoping it’s gong to be a win, win, win.  We shall see…

Rocky Mountain National Park, Horseshoe Park

My stay in Denver was extended a few extra days due to Hurricane Sandy.  This gave me time for a spontaneous road trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park with two other Boston area trainees also stranded by the storm.  We took a fun day trip with a dinner stop in funky Boulder, CO.   It was beautiful.  It was also nice to travel with two other hard of hearing people.  They remember what I need for communication success because their needs are similar.  A bit of a relief to be honest.

Fast forward a few days.

I just completed Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) training.  When the opportunity came up to become a HAT volunteer and advocate I wasn’t sure I’d qualify for the program and I wondered about finding the time to fit in the commitments.  But I was very interested and, in fact, have already been doing advocacy, testing and sharing of information like this at work, with friends, with my CI contacts.  So why not?

Boy am I glad I did.  First of all, I found so many other wonderful people who are living with all forms of hearing loss and trying to maximize their communication ability.  We live in exciting times with a lot technology options, maybe too many.  We don’t have to just deal with it.  There are things we can do to make our lives easier and participate more fully.  I did my best to try and soak up all the information and now have a number of research projects to keep it going.  And I have some potential new “partners in crime” to work with 🙂