Doing good and feeling ready for the next level

I’m coming up on 5 months post activation and doing well.  I’m feeling less fatigued from hearing in general I think.  I still have challenges and work on accepting them as best I can.  It’s very good practice for me to keep trying to focus on what I can do versus what I cannot.   Someday.  Maybe.  I tell you I had better live a long, long time because I am an incredibly slow learner when it comes to “life lessons”.

My biggest challenge lately is background noise.  I’m told this is an incredibly common complaint for both hearing aid and CI users.  I recently attended a nephew’s wedding in a crowded party tent space, with stone floor, and a live band.  I found it very hard to hear other people unless I was on the periphery where it was a little less intense.  Later when I asked family members if they thought it was noisy they said no and I wanted to punch them.  Sorry.  I’m five again.

Not knowing what’s possible, in terms of programming for my processor, I don’t know whether to just deal with it or if there are adjustments that can help.  So far in my CI journey, it’s mainly been a question of time and getting used to things.  I recently found a presentation online intended for audiologists that describes different types of hearing assistance, including cochlear implants, and strategies for patients who get them.  It was interesting to me because I saw that my progress, complaints and challenges are all very textbook.  There really isn’t anything all that special about me ;-p

I’ve been posting questions on the Advanced Bionics user forum which is very responsive and very helpful.  That’s been a real eye opener too.  The support from others who have gone through the CI experience has been a real gift.  I’ve met a lot of very generous and caring people on this journey so far and I hope I can give back myself.

As I get ready for my 6 month visit to the audiologist in September I want to know more about what the heck she’s doing with the mapping process, aka processor programming.  I found a good post from a CI user in the UK, describing mapping and programming for cochlear implant processors:

Wish me luck!