Why Does MEEI Insist on Calling Me???

Okay.  I’ve complained about this before but I’m going to complain again.  I can’t understand why MEEI insists on using the telephone as the primary means of communication with patients who have severe hearing loss. 

I just received voice mail from MEEI reminding me about my surgery and letting me know what time and where to show up.  Here is what I think they said.  Note the operative word is think.

” Hi Barbara.  This Sandra (?) calling from Dr. Sullen’s office. Just a reminder to [indecipherable connector phrase?] surgery on March 1st.  You need to report at 5:30am to the S floor for surgery.  Any questions you can call me at 617-57?-?50?. Thank you.”

Now this is important.  It’s surgery.  I want to be sure I receive every detail.  In the voice mail I miss one small phrase and can’t be sure of the phone number.  2’s and 3’s sound the same to me.  I try not to waste much time getting annoyed or overly anxious.

Voice mail is about THE worst way to communicate with me.  I’ve told them so in writing more than once.  If any organization were to be sensitive to the special needs of the hard of hearing community you would think…

So now what I need to do is ask a hearing person to listen to the message for me.  Sigh.

p.s. Dear MEEI.  I would be more than happy to work with someone in your organization to discuss strategies, alternatives and  best practices for communicating with hard of hearing patients.  Feel free to leave a comment.


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